Program Certification

Napa Green
Napa Green certification is received by enrolling in the Fish Friendly Farming program, which has been in use in the Russian River, Navarro and Gualala watersheds since 1999. Development of Napa Green for the Napa watershed was initiated by Napa Valley's agricultural community and involved an 18-month collaborative effort between local vintners and growers and representatives from government agencies and environmental organizations. The result of this effort was the creation of a workbook of Beneficial Management Practices (BMP's) with a farm plan template.

Since enrolling in the Napa Green Land Program in 2004, The Hess Collection has been an active member with leadership responsibilities. We also were among the first ten wineries to receive certification for the Napa Green Winery program, created in 2008.

Napa Green: Certified Land
Napa Green vineyard and land certification is a voluntary program for Napa Valley vintners and grape growers that enhances the watershed and restores habitat with sustainable agriculture practices. Approximately 27,000 acres are enrolled in the program and more than 13,000 acres are certified, with thousands more about to receive official certification. A majority (90%) of the Napa River watershed is in private ownership and public/private partnerships as well as programs like Napa Green are vital to our community.  The Hess Collection is a certified member of this program.

Napa Green: Certified Winery
Napa Green Certified Winery is a Napa-specific set of sustainable and green business practices developed for wineries. The NVV is working closely with our partners at the Napa County Department of Environmental Management and the Association of Bay Area Governments as third party certifiers. Certified wineries demonstrate a commitment to conserving water and energy, reducing waste and preventing pollution. The efforts of Napa Green Certified Winery are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of wine production facilities as part of the broader view of excellent business. Certification goes beyond compliance, meeting or exceeding environmental regulations related to winery operations and helps wineries become more sustainable through economically viable, environmentally sensitive and socially equitable practices.

1% for the Planet
“To be perfectly honest, it’s not about us. It’s about businesses recognizing that industry and ecology are inherently connected. It’s about realizing the positive effects of connecting businesses, consumers and nonprofits through philanthropy. And it’s about understanding that the true cost of doing business can be mitigated ┬áby a simple pledge to the planet. Since 2002, 1% For The Planet has inspired members of the business community to contribute 1% of sales to environmental groups around the world.” 1% for the Planet Mission Statement. In 2011, The Hess Collection donated $20,000 from annual sales to The Land Trust of Napa County and Napa County Student
and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship (SLEWS) program.

Bay Area Green Business Program
The Bay Area Green Business Program is a partnership of environmental agencies, professional associates, waste management agencies, utilities and concerned public that work together to recognize and assist businesses that operate in an environmentally friendly manner. To obtain membership The Hess Collection has complied with all environmental regulations and has taken the necessary steps to conserve natural resources and prevent pollution, such as using more efficient lighting, purchasing in bulk, watering landscapes efficiently, recycling cardboard, using less toxic products, etc. The Hess Collection is one of only four member wineries in the Bay Area Green Business Program.