The Hess Art Collection

Our museum and tasting room is under construction May - July, to repair damage caused by the Napa Earthquake. While wine tasting will remain uninterrupted, parts of the art collection will be in storage at various times until July. We will continue to maintain an elevated experience, as much as possible during construction and will keep portions of the art collection open for viewing.

Please call our Visitor Center at (707)255-1144 to inquire about the status of the exhibit, as well as wine tours and tasting.

Donald Hess began collecting art in 1966. Today, The Hess Collection houses less than a quarter of a collection that is shown in museums worldwide. His collecting style is a personal endeavor driven by a passion rather that monitory investment or current trends. He develops a close dialogue with an artist to better understand what drives him or her to create and he carefully limits his focus as a collector to 20 living artists whose work he faithfully supports long term. As is evident by the caliber of the collection, he collects with the uncanny ability to acquire works by lesser known artists who often go on to become well known and respected in their disciplines. his typical commitment to an artist spans decades and various stages of his career.

The new HESS ART COLLECTION Catalogue is now available for purchase.

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