Audio Tour of The Hess Collection Contemporary Art Museum


Bottling Line

Wine Maker Dave Guffy discusses the wine bottling process.

Artwork Alan Rath- Run Man Run

Robert Ceballos discusses Alan Rath’s artistic machines.

Artwork Markus Raetz - Hase Beuys

Seeing is not always believing. A Markus Raetz visual conundrum pays homage to a famous Joseph Beuys performance piece involving gold leaf, honey and a dead hare.

Artwork Leopoldo Maler – Homage

Discussion on one of the Hess Art Collections most recognized and popular works.

Artwork Intro to Abstract Art

A cursory overview of abstract art. Could your kid do this? What did the CIA have to do with American Abstract Expressionism?

Artwork Morris Louis - Alpha Nu

A Post Painterly Abstract Expressionist painter and his method. When is less more?

Artwork Katsura Funakoshi_Donald Hess

Japanese wood carver Katsura Funakoshi

Artwork Theodoros Stamos-Levant

Sometimes one must suffer to buy good art.

Artwork Per Kirkeby – Untitled

Terrestrial quality from a former geologist.

Artwork Theodoros Stamos-Levant

Sometimes one must suffer to buy good art.

Artwork Robert Motherwell - Elegy to the Spanish Republic.

Expression in painting and the use of titles to help guide individual response.

Artwork Frank Stella - Silverstone 2

Using your imagination in abstract art.

Artwork Anselm Kiefer - Am Anfang

An iconic German painter paints “very German” paintings. Director, Robert Ceballos and Founder, Donald Hess discuss Anselm Kiefer’s work, Am Anfang.

Artwork The Boyle Family - White Cliffs of Dover Study

A Scottish family asks you to think about what you miss. The Boyles create incredibly realistic representations of the earth’s surface out of fibreglass and paint.

Artwork Andy Goldsworthy - Rock Pools

Stones melted in a fantastically hot kiln.

Artwork Andy Goldsworthy - Torn Stones

A video work of sedimentary sand stones being returned to igneous rock.

Artwork Fermentation Tanks

Dave Guffy discusses the fermentation process

Artwork Hershman - Room One's Own

An interactive peep show based on Edison’s Kinetoscope and the Nickelodeon. Who is looking at whom?

Artwork Hershman - Phantom Limb

Lynn Hershman’s phantom limbs ask you to think about how visual media may objectify individuals.

Artwork Markus Raetz - Samba feur Jonny

A seemingly simple method is not really that easy.

Artwork Rauschenberg – Diversity

Robert Raushenberg in search of diversity and continual artistic investigations. Director, Robert Ceballos talks about conceptual art and the beauty of functional form in every day disposable objects.

Artwork Rauschenberg - Successful Artist

Who says artists only become famous after death? Many artists are successful markers of themselves. Robert Ceballos discusses this notion.

Artwork Rauschenberg - Empire 1

Robert Rauschenberg reacts to what he saw as the United States’s Imperial aspirations.

Artwork Bruce Robbins - from Ladder Series

"And he dreamed and beheld a ladder set up on earth and the top of it reached into heaven" The ladder as metaphor for reaching higher.

Artwork Robilee Frederick and Donald

Robilee Frederick discusses how she came to meet Donald Hess.

Artwork Robilee Frederick on Her Art

Napa artist, and “late bloomer” Robilee Frederick discusses her art and how she would classify her art.

Artwork Robilee Frederick-Art and Music

Trained as a concert pianist, Frederick discusses her growth from musician to painter.

Hifumi Ogawa
Hifumi Ogawa End Version

How Donald Hess and Hifumi Ogawa met

Artwork Hershman on Roberta

Lynn Hershman talks about her 1970’s performance work “Roberta Breitmore”

Artwork Hershman – CybeRoberta

A web-enabled piece allows you to become a Cyborg. Visit

Robert fhifumichenberg Robert Rauschenberg - Donald Hess

Donald Hess on Rauschenberg's overnight fame

Artwork Francis Bacon - Study of a Man Talking

An iconic painter and extraordinary man.

Artwork Armando

A Dutch painter addresses his memories of German occupation in world war two.

Artwork Magdalena Abakanowicz – Crowd

A polish artist creates works that express her experiences growing up in communist Poland.

Artwork Franz Gertsch - Johanna 2

Franz Gertsch and on e of the Icons of the Hess Art Collection

Ouattara Watts Ouattara Watts -Donald Hess

Donald Hess discusses Ivory Coast Artist Ouattara Watts

Artwork Franz Gertsch – Woodcuts

Franz Gertsch's enormous woodcuts show a delicacy that and precision that belies their size. Robert Ceballos discusses the process of making a woodcut.

Artwork Rolf Iseli - Ehrdbild

An artist changes the business principles of his patron by refusing to sell him his work.

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